MIB-11 2 Pocket Fitness Sorter

The M-11 is the latest note counter released by Hyundai-MIB, featuring the most advanced cash-processing technology available, it is designed for high-performance in the most demanding environments. Accurate Serial Number detection and TITO scanning make it the most demanding environments.

SB-5+ Two Pocket Value Denomination Sorter

The New SB5+ counts mixed denomination notes at a rate of 1000 notes/minute.  The SB5+ is ideal for general use in retail, gaming and banking.  It will count, sort, batch, issue sort and face/orientate

The SB 5+ is an exciting note counting and sorting solution for all markets, and is tailor-made for Australia. The SB 5+ is based on successful number one selling SB-9 model  from MIB with the latest innovative CIS sensing technology.

SB-3000 3 Pocket Fitness Sorter

The SB-3000 is a compact three pocket fitness sorter that is designed and developed to meet with the growing demand for more efficient cash management. With enhanced and reliable authentication fitness detection, the SB-3000 comes with easy mode switching to fulfill processes needed when handling banknotes. By detecting holes, tears, folded and missing corners, tape, stains and soils of banknotes, the all-in-one design completes tedious operations in a snap. Built with a wide range of counterfeit detection technology in the industry.

SmartClear Note

The Smartclear (Note) system is a stand-alone variant note clearance system for gaming machine. The unit has been designed to clear notes and TITO tickets from stacker boxes quickly and efficiently.